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Paula Smith, CPCC, CEMC
Certified Professional Career Coach
Certified Empowerment & Motivation Coach

Interview Coaching - $75.00 for 60 minute consultation

Career – Life – Motivation
Personalized coaching to help you achieve your career and life goals. Positive strategies to ace the interview, implement your action plan, keep moving forward and get what you want.

A Coach makes the difference!

  • Designing your personal answer to the question – "Tell me a little about yourself"

  • Traits and Behavioral Measures which affect Interviews

  • Handling Difficult Questions

  • Mirroring  Personality Types

  • What Interviewers really want to know

Jay Block, Certified Career Coach and Best Selling Author, says, “The popular feeling out there in 'job search world,' is that most job candidates are convinced that they interview well, so the résumé and the strategic distribution of the résumé is, often times, the central challenge. But study after study, survey after survey reveals that the vast majority of hiring professionals and human resource managers feel that the average job candidate does not, in fact, interview well at all. Ask a client one simple question.  In fact, if you ask this question before you even begin the process of writing a résumé, you’ll find most clients are not even ready to develop an effective résumé, let alone interview it effectively.

The Reference Page ~ $25.00

The reference page is used to list personal and professional references that the employer can contact regarding your experience, abilities and personal attributes. The reference page is not mailed with the cover letter and résumé unless requested.

The Reference Page

Cover Letters ~ $40.00

There are two basic types of Cover Letters – the Broadcast Cover Letter and the Personalized Cover Letter.
The Broadcast Letter is used for mass mailings.  That is, simply sending out résumés to companies that might need your services, but are not advertising for them.  This letter is often addressed to Human Resources Manager – never To Whom It May Concern!  Many job seekers have found employment through this method by stimulating the employer into an action he/she had not intended to take, for example, creating a new position or replacing a non-productive employee. Research has shown that less than 8% of available jobs are advertised. Broadcast mailing is a great way to “stumble” into an opportunity.

The Personalized Cover Letter is addressed to a specific individual at the company for a specific position.  This ensures the résumé gets to the proper person.  If at all possible, always personalize the cover letter. Using your Personalized Letterhead coordinates your résumé and cover letter.

Personalized Letterhead

Letterhead matching your résumé and cover letter can be used to prepare the various types of letters and pertinent data (Reference Pages, Salary History Pages, etc.) that may be necessary for your job search.  A matching package creates a great impression and shows the employer that you are really serious about your job search.

Résumé Writing & Design for Others

Résumé Writing & Design for Students

Résumé Writing & Design ~ Students $129.00 and All Others $169.00

What Is A Résumé?
A résumé is a carefully crafted document that informs a potential employer about your skills and qualifications.  It describes what you can do, what you have done and what contributions you will make. Many of our clients initially believe that a résumé’s primary purpose is to get them a job.  It is very important to understand that you need a good résumé to generate interviews – not to get a job.

If properly utilized, the résumé developed for you at WILDER RESUME and CAREER SERVICES will help you get interviews at the level of responsibility and salary range for which you are qualified. Selling yourself at the interview and getting the job is up to you!


Thank You Letter

Broadcast or Personalized Cover Letter

The question...

In one or two brief sentences, tell me why I should consider hiring you, why you feel you’d be the best candidate for the job, and how you see yourself contributing to the organization?

You won’t believe the answers you’ll get.  And once you get past the non-words like, uh, um, well, ah, etc., you’ll discover the answers are far from the ‘critical’ answer(s) employers are seeking.  During employment interviews, most job seekers ramble and go off on tangents – and never communicate what needs to be communicated in an effective and compelling manner.  And that’s because most people are totally ill-prepared for them and ill at ease with the process."

“And the job offer is only possible when the candidate masters the art of interviewing with confidence, conviction, and certainty.”

Wilder Résumé and Career Services can take you through the critical steps with Interview Coaching to land the job offer!

The Reference Portfolio

Tough 20 Interview Questions & Answers 
when you purchase a resume. 

60 Minute Interview Coaching


Thank You Letters ~ $40.00

You must send a thank you letter to those persons who interview you. Thank the interviewer for his or her time and mention one or two things you talked about.  The thank you letter keeps your name active in the employer's mind.

If you met with someone prior to the interview, send them a thank you letter, also.  This might include someone in Human Resources at the company, someone at the State or County Employment Department or at the employment agency that sent you.  Professional courtesy is always appreciated – and always remembered!

The Salary History Page

The Salary History Page ~ $25.00

Some newspaper ads you answer will ask for information about your salary history and will not consider your résumé or application without it. The salary history gives the employer a feeling about 1) how you have progressed in advancement and wages throughout your career; and 2) most importantly, what your salary expectations may be. This is different from salary requirements which can be given in ranges in your cover letter.

The Reference Portfolio ~ $50.00+ Depending on number of pages

The Reference Portfolio includes your references’ contact information plus excerpts from their letters of reference. References are not included on the résumé. You may opt for this career document if you want to quickly establish your credibility for the skills and experience a company requires for an advertised position. This document is mailed with the résumé.